Curriculum Vitae

This page contains a *brief* summary of my CV, please read the pdf version for complete details ^^



I enjoy collaborating with peers and organizations to solve new and interestingchallenges. I am always looking for opportunities to continue to hone my craft andship valuable software products to users.

I believe that peer-to-peer collaboration and natural human ingenuity are at the heart of every innovative organization. I believe that cooperatives are the future of innovative organization, but these ideas can be applied successfully at any type of business or non-profit organization.


Senior Software Engineer

Carlos Killpack

Preferred Name

Romina Killpack


she / her

Hourly Rate

0.69 XMR / hour (~80 USD / hr)


Work History Summary

Community Software Projects

Admin at sunshine gardens clubhouse: operating community infrastructure including mail-in-a-box (email, dns), ejabberd (xmpp/chat), sourcehut, fossil, searx, and others. The system is deployed and managed using experimental mesh networking technology developed at the clubhouse and elsewhere.

sunshine gardens

Contributor to tomo, a security- and distributed computing-focused operating system derived from Vita Nuova's Inferno Operating System.

tomo operating system

and other side projects

Distributed Messaging Research

Several of my blog posts under #technology have been featured on the front page of hacker news and other sites. I have worked in a consulting capacity on a number of blockchain projects as well. My research is focused primarily on minimizing complexity while retaining the essential features of blockchain technology. This approach is meant to help create distributed systems that are easy to correctlyreason about.

Constributor to Walkaway Handbook: an experimental distributed wiki engine designed for off-grid collaboration and information sharing. Related experiments include sora, tracker, and some forays into future internet architecture.



Volunteer Experience


Available upon request.