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for the last couple of years i have been working on paying off debts (transitioning is expensive) and towards a fully remote software developer position. my recent attempt to work remotely was illuminating, but not successful. i have a keen interest in cooperative business ventures, but i've had little success starting anything profitable. over the last four years or so i have built (with the help of my wonderful friends) a solarpunk clubhouse[1] which provides a variety of internet services and support resources for self-directed research projects. most things here are computer technology-related, which i regret. computers can do good and useful things, but i feel that they often dominate the conversation and subsume other conversations about technology. there are other important types of technology that are needed to reach a state of post-scarcity, which is the real goal here.

1: sunshine gardens, solarpunk clubhouse

i spend an inordinate amount of time reading technical documents and research papers. as a result, i spend even more time thinking about informatics and their relation to society and culture. again, i find the focus on informatics often distracts from the utility and application of the information itself. i often think of myself as a librarian and i hope my efforts can enable other's to accomplish their goals. i hope to make computers simpler and more usefully accessible, tools rather than cybernetic dompamine injectors.

cryptogen (2018)

cryptogen [redux] (2019)

programming for the next billion (2019)

universal basic internet (2020)

rlog (2020)

personal life

i am married to an amazing woman who shares my goals of a simple existence close to nature. we spend as much time as possible camping, backpacking, and otherwise enjoying nature. our current living situation makes gardening difficult, but we have some ideas that might (cheaply) change that for us. i have been exploring my native american roots and trying to piece together something of the shamanic traditions of the Pipil and Aztec people, which are my ancestors. sadly most of the history and traditions have been lost to time. i am currently a member of the Oklevueha Native American Churches (ONAC).