skull king

date: 2007-03-03

tags: short-story

draft: true

Darien awoke with a start. Looking around his small room a sense of dread filled him.

"Oh, no, Norek is drunk again."

Within moments there was a crash and the sound of a man stumbling through the house, his father, the town drunk. He heard Norek angrily moving things that got in his way. There was another crash and Darien heard his mother scream. He leaped up to run to her rescue but he could not move! Darien could take it when his father beat him, he was strong, he had to be, but not mother, not her. He could hear his mother pleading with Norek to calm down, but his drunken excuse for a father would not listen. Muffled thumps and cries stuck daggers of ice into his heart that quickly became a burning fury in his mind. Despite his fury all Darien could do was stand, shaking in his room and listen to his mother die.

When the screams stopped the drunken Norek stumbled to Darien's door. The door opened and Darien heard his father speak to him with the slurred speech of a drunk, 'You heard it didn't you, the screams. Haha. She deserved it, the witch, and her demon whelp didn't have the balls to stop me.' And he spat in Darien's face.

His anger suddenly intensified, Darien felt as if his blood had become molten light. It built as every fiber of is being became saturated with hate-laced light.

'Drunken bastard,' Darien replied, his voice sounding strangely calm and detached, 'You don't deserve to live!'

Then the was a roar and fiery light enveloped everything.