date: 2008-07-03

archive_section: emotional-intelligence

tags: essay

Creativity is an important part of the human spirit, it is what drives artists to create beautiful works of art and what allows us to defend ourselves from those who would do us harm. Creativity is our ability to create new tools, new weapons, and new ideas. Without creativity there would be little civilization because there would be little progress. If nothing new was ever thought of then we would become stagnant, never progressing because nothing would change.

It seems strange that something that is so deeply a part of the human spirit is so often viewed as a waste of time and effort. Why then would people be so deeply moved by the works that creativity can produce? Why would someone create such a work? Perhaps art does not contribute to the overall welfare or technological advancement of a civilization but the art, or lack there of, is a large part of what defines a people. Therefore we must take a look at what sort of people we are becoming, and the sort of world that we will leave our children. A world of artistic beauty, or a world of cold machinery.

Creativity is our ability to make something that does not yet exist. It allows us to bring new ideas to the world, be it simply a concept or even a tool that makes our lives easier or, perhaps, healthier. Without this ability what would happen? Or perhaps a better question: if the use of this ability is looked down upon or wasted, then what? Will we become stagnant, content to live in a world that never changes, a world in which nothing new is ever produced in which creativity is suppressed.

This is not a world that I wish to see, but a world that I see drawing ever closer. We want instant gratification not a long wait with something wonderful at its end. It is this attitude that starves us of creativity. Is creativity needed more than ever in the world today? Yes it is, because without creativity we would lose something that is such a part of our human spirit that we would be lost without it.