archive_section: words

date: 2008-12-14

tags: poetry

In the beginning there was the Word, father of the Universe, and there was the Void, the destroyer. And the Word was all things good; the Void was all things evil. Light and Dark. Life and Death.

They wrestled for seven eternities, one never gaining advantage over the other. At the end of the Seventh eternity they broke their eternal embrace. The Universe was shattered. The Word became Heaven and the Void became Hell. The Word took the form of a man but the Void in its utter insanity had no form. For it knew not what form to take.

Soon the Word grew lonely, for there was nothing in the Universe to give him company. So the Word created Viros, god of light, and gave him dominion over light. And the Void burned with rage and its rage became Eroht, god of fire. And the Word wept for the rage that consumed the Void.

Why must the Void rage so? Does he not know that there will be peace in the end? Perhaps that is why he rages, for one such as he peace is naught but torture. He will not be satisfied with less utter chaos.

The tears streamed down his cheeks and became Atun-Auca, god-goddess of water. For they were Atun, god of the oceans, and Auca, goddess of rivers, living as one flesh.

And the Word rejoiced for his children, but the Void continued to rage in Hell. His rages became the gods of misery and pain.