"Beacon!" Could Be a Working Title

tags: heropunch technology

date: 2009-03-23

I don't know how good of a name "Beacon!" is for Hero Punch's music-centric social network. I know it's not a name I believe in because I never say it to anyone. Generally the name should have something to do with what you do on the network or the theme or concept its based on, "Beacon!" really has no connection to what we're planning to do with it. I'm a fan of references and I'd like to name this network after some obscure song or band or movie reference that is related to music or music culture. The problem is that I don't remember, at the moment, enough lyrics or music culture references to think of a good name to replace "Beacon!"

I really think that products and features should have clear and self-explanatory names, not market-y or brand-y aimed at expanding "market presence". Does that make sense? Names are descriptions, not feature lists. Names don't need to include version numbers, serial, or identification numbers. The product line and when the thing was made is enough to identify any product. "Beacon!" doesn't express anything about music, sociability, or any of the products features or goals. For now, while we're in the planning and development stages, the name can stay, it doesn't matter; but we are going to need to think of something better eventually.

How Does "Beacon!" Work?

The milestone for v0.1 is made up of the following features which constitute a functional site/social network but does not include the Social Library, Amazon/Jamendo integration or sales. Just the basics: UI, upload, users, profiles, search, &c. (Audioscrobbling, suggestions)


The view you have is of a giant, shared music library. You can upload your own content (which you own the rights to) with lyrics, art, and everything. Everything can have a thread attached to it and you can subscribe to people, albums, artists, &c. These threads are user-moderated like Reddit.