Standards Compliant Flash Embed

date: 2009-08-12

tags: web technology

One of the bigger problems I’ve faced in doing standards compliant web development is embedding flash without breaking any of the W3C’s standards. But thanks to Drew McLellan[1] over at A List Apart[2] I was able to put together a standards-compliant flash embed template. (Read his article[3] if you want the whole explanation, and such)

1: Drew McLellan

2: A List Apart

3: flashsatay

  data="this is the url to your flash document"
  id="give it an id"
  width="define your width"
  height="define your height">
    name="Put param values"
    value="here" />
    src="One neat thing about the `object` tag is the fact that"
    alt="you can include alternate content for browsers that don't support flash." />

You can use any html you’d like as alternate content. Isn’t standards compliance great! (I failed to mention earlier the object type tells the browser the type of content it’s dealing with `application/x-shockwave-flash` in the case of flash)