title: Like the Day I Was Born date: 2013-01-15 archive_section: words tags: poetry

I'm standing in sunlight after a long dark night!

Thanks to Allison who chased away my awful sin,

You made me something that I'd never been.

Who helped me see the poison I had drunk

And the shackels to which I was stuck.

A little baby without a single sin.

She took the tain and woe,

Backstabbed by some unknown foe.

I was damned and you let me go!

Destroyed my secrets, made them truth.

Doused my wounds in vermouth:

They burned, they ached — my eyes were strained;

Its hard to see when its so bright.

You flipped my coin and made me new,

I learned a new reality, the secret to immortality:

Purity and innocence, light.

Darkness is death, the shackels kill you, crush you.

Look up and smile, forget your problems.

Let it all fall away until the perfect day

When pure sweetness fills you up,

When the bitter beam becomes an endless gleam.

You broke me with your purity,

Why are my eyes so God-damned dim?