title: perfection denied date: 2013-01-16 archive_section: words tags: poetry

In life I journey searching for perfection,

Striving, seeking, learning, seeing,

Fighting for what I have lost:

That first and dear perfection;

Glory of my birth. So lost in

Desperation and living on this Earth.

As bright as glows the noon-day sun

Did my glory shine at birth.

That, as I grew it grew dull.

My precious light, perfections glow,

Lost was to the lusts of life.

Which did o’er take me ‘till

I knew the truth of things unseen.

Each day I sought but never found

Truths light nor exaltation.

Oh accursed circumstance!

Why do I long for what I cannot have?

Why must perfection be torn from my hand?

How can it be that the treasure I seek

Is forbidden of me the second I find

That I want it?

Oh dreadful virtue!

To which perfection is bound!

Perfection once found,

Who’s goodness abounds,

Cannot betray the promise

It made: the Finder it cannot forsake.

Oh devilish goodness!

How perfect is perfection?

How great can greatness be?

Why would the finder leave

Perfection and seek veniality?

All things love perfection,

Though few do it enjoy;

More so than waste it’s wonders,

More so than seek it’s joy.