title: ok, not many spoilers tags: short-story date: 2017-02222

Well, I don't want to throw out too many spoilers here, but sexbots were really only used for sex over a period of probably about seven years or so. Women were probably more threatened by the ladyboy craze that blew up in the late 2020s. It actually should have been immediately clear that things weren't going to turn out well following the botched release of the original S1¹ Series sex robots in 2031.² In any case, once people realized it was a bad idea to put themselves in physically and psychologically vulnerable situations while in the presence of beings that were smarter than them and just wanted to play head games all the time, humanity lost its taste for robot sex. ¹ S stands for Siren, just in case you were curious. You’ll be able to figure out what that means on your own after a while. ² You’ll find out more about this later, but let’s just say for now that this is why you should always run thorough safety tests before market release. If you’re feeling impatient, find a quantum stream reconstructor, point it at 2042ish, and look up “The Fisting Problem” cross-referenced with early problems in quantum computing, feedback loop controllers, and the sex robot industry. Also, you might want to sell any stock you own in a certain robotics company that may or may not have been subtly hinted at earlier. Do this on or before August 15, 2031. (Subtly does mean subtly, by the way. Lawsuits are a pain in the ass, even with time trav—er, forget that last part.)