date: 2017-10-26 title: tomo/os tags: technology tomo

its hard to have time to write about your ideas when you're busy trying to build them, but anyway. part of the long-term vision of #heropunch, the 友 (tomo) project specifically, is to create a secure hardware and software system that extends you mind and body using powerful #p2p tech, strong crypto, and fully audit-able open hardware. 友 utilizes multiple isolation methods (including specialized hardware) to protect against a variety of threat models, including 0-day exploits and multiple levels of trust and verification to ensure that your system is running exactly the code that you asked it to run.

we are starting this long journey by developing dex manufacturing techniques and the accompanying software. i don't think the modern computing environment is something that you would want to connect to a #neuralink like device. of course, the interface itself is important, but without a verifiably safe supporting ecosystem, what are you going to trust enough to plug into your brain? we are only an open source project now, but we hope to grow into a company with the resources to push the envelope in this area.