title: smaller human networks date: 2018-05-20 tags: technology

the point of all of this, is to make technology act like a fluid extension of myself. to accomplish that goal, the component parts need to be taught how to cooperate. they need to be modified to operate in terms that can be manipulated at a high level. they must be trustworthy.

I'm kind of expecting you to have a lot of available storage like why should anyone else hold on to your shit for you? of course they *can* you can always send a command to some remote machine to replicate a log or data so you can fetch it on demand at a later date. links don't have to be public, but you can't assume that a file will be available at any time in the future unless you link it to your storage system.

i want smaller human networks.

there's this idea of

mechanical sympathy

that cuts both in a technical and human direction. technology changes our behavior, but its design is also influenced by the methods we use to create it. Melvin Conway makes this observation in

"How Do Committies Invent?"

. this is espeically relevant for communication tools, because the shape of the system directly influences the way we work and play together.