collapse? build something

date: 2019-03-20

tags: walkaway tracker

Capitalism isn't going to collapse because people want it to. It's just unstable, and becoming more so fast.

You misunderstand me. If people were rioting, capitalism would *fall*. I said that capitalism is going to *collapse*. It will create its own gravediggers, become unable to sustain itself, and fall apart

— (link?, the only one i had is 404)

i'm not so worried about capitalism collapsing. there's a lot of vested interest in keeping it afloat, even if it hurts people. i'm motivated to create a better alt-future for the sake of autonomy and protecting my loved ones from the harsh, uncivilized capitalist economy.

either way, DIY culture is the way to go. i'm convinced that modern tech is such that we can just go our own way and build a parallel cooperative economy with some hard work and very small amounts of capital.

scientia potentia est!

if you have evidence to back up your theory, i’d love to read it. personally, i don’t care if capitalism is on the verge of collapse or not. transitions between economic systems are messy and blurry if you look back at history. predicting the exact moment when the state transition will occur doesn’t seem very useful to me. like, what do you even do with that information, assuming it can be known at all?

capitalism doesn’t have to be dead for post-capitalism to start existing. we can start building new systems today! the important thing is that we are doing things that meaningfully impact the people that we care about. working on decentralized tech, starting workers cooperatives, getting into DIY, joining an hackerspace, &c. most especially, creating strong human networks that share our values: egalitarianism, efficiency, autonomy.

as a computer scientist, the most helpful think i can do i work out how to

of our technology on repurposed "salvage tech". while i do have some interest in developing a homebrew microfab processes, salvage is a much more efficient strategy for equipping gen1 walkaway networks. keep a durable copy[1] as hackers, we can find and solve problems through the application of knowledge. part of this is documenting causes and directing people to solutions. yeah ok collapse or whatever, let’s build a homebrew civilization because we can, and *we can help our friends by doing it*.

1: keep a durable copy