stop and think

date: 2019-10-11T14:27:40-0600

tags: technology walkaway

does the typical end-user want that Better? that Right Thing? I'm afraid they don't. they want it to be easy to use, with no thinking involved...

i personally have no interest in promoting this cultural attitude of not wanting to or needing to think. good tools make sense and are easy to use *once you understand how they are meant to be used*.

economies of scale often ruin perfectly good systems. i believe the DIY ethic is an important cultural attitude. very small groups of people should be able to leverage technology to accomplish complex tasks. things like plan 9 and scheme have persisted in small and weirdly productive communities for decades and i expect this to continue. it is very important to fight the slow drift towards complexity. i think small communities like this are important. i think fracturing is important.