why permanent global identity?

tags: technology tracker

date: 2020-04-20





y tho?

value props

i don't think permanent global identity is a desirable feature.

better to have lots of disposable identities that serve a specific purpose and are optionally tied to other related ids.

even in ssb, your peer id is way too important. these things need to be rotated regularly, long lived keys are a bad. if you want to tie your feeds together, include a link between them so stale peers can catch up.

the kinda ruins the value prop of pki, but i think the idea is to ruin the value prop of everything. if there are inefficiencies that can be made into a business, you'll never be rid of them.

accidentally de-cloaking is really easy to do. so a privacy-preserving system will have multiple fallbacks to make it harder to fuck up all the way. this also makes fractal identities really important. you want to have a fine-grained way to do blind key rotation and other mitigation strategies, but also inform the right peers of the new rendezvous without compromising your entire id. the granularity introduces some complexity so UX is equally important here because it could get confusing. think of this as an extension of the crypographic pet names UX problem.