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re: ethical marketing at hyperlocal


surveillance capitalism creates a lot of perverse incentives that are difficult to compete with. in the previous post i tried to outline some of my perspective on ethical marketing. after additional thought i'm of the opinion that marketing in this way is an ethical quandry that i don't know how to navigate.

one of my original ideas was to build an ecommerce cooperative that attempts to directly source highly reviwed and ethically vetted products. a community forum could provide a similar service without a profit motive. you see, there's this nagging feeling that it has to be designed to make money in the first place. i think the walkaway approach should be to create abundance, which limits your options to a different set of projects. i want to create SOMETHING that can replace the idea of an ecommerce site with something more human that upholds an ethical standard. the challenge is that tendency to mimic the opposition, hyperlocal needs some insight that changes the game.

i thought i would have more to say to ~faun, but that's about all i have. i'm down to host a forum or one of those fediverse reddit things though.

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