entering the dark forest

date: 2020-10-07

tags: walkaway

i believe that knowledge is power[walkaway manifesto], but i worry about the effects of distributing information in various ways. i want to help my comrades and my brothers and my sisters. i want to give people the tools to engineer their own liberation and build cooperative systems. i don't believe in co-dependent economics or politics, but i do believe in community and friendship. there are many people that i trust to use the technology that is being developed here for good, but there are others watching that i'd prefer not to help.

walkaway manifesto

the details of trying to limit access to information get complicated really quickly. i don't disagree with the old hacker idea that "information wants to be free". the stuff leaks like crazy, which makes systems like this contradictory in a lot of ways. non-public replication can mean that data may be lost unexpectedly or destroyed if the replica group is damaged. some of these issues are addressed in cryptogen (and redux), but the solution is evasive.


cryptogen (redux)

rather than wait for a complete systemic approach to the problem, i wonder if there are other ways to create a private space for sharing information using existing tools. i don't believe that i can do this alone, but i don't feel comfortable doing any further work in the open. one tool that i've been experimenting with recently might fit enough of the bill to be workable: fossil scm.

fossil scm

fossil provides space for writing wiki documents, discussion threads, project tickets, and collaborative file editing. its particularly interesting because all of these systems are tied into an append-only offline-first replication system. one that works even over slow dial-up links! there are many details left to work out, but it shows promise.

you understand that i can't share more details than this, but you're welcome to ask about them over a secure channel.

this capsule will begin to go dark as we approach the longest night. may eris guide you.