title: tomo boot image tags: technology tomo date: 2020-01-03

alpine overlay







os lives here alternating boot partitions each time a la coreos. inc scripts for unlocking encrypted user data. chroot into and init runtime system.

ncurses alternative? future: drawterm.scm

SSH.scm when? ed25519 or ecdsa only? at least enforce RSA key size minimums. experimental support for post-quantum NIST-candidate keys via C-bindings.

what does an NDN-based secure shell protocol look like?

the system security model considers physical access equivalent to a root shell. user data is encrypted at rest. small, mostly generic boot ROMs minimize identifible data that is stored in plain text. you must ensure that the boot rom is not compromised before you give it your access key, else the system cannot ensure the security properties of the network runtime.