discouraged by the complexity that i have to deal with on my work computer (Librem 13 gen3), i've set out to find a reasonably simple way to work on solarpunk tech/networking projects. i have a bunch of hardware that i've collected over the years, so i grabbed a handful of parts to outfit the base system.

parts list

ugly needs

the goal is to run tomo[1] natively, but i'm using raspbian[2] for the time being. same environment as usual:

1: tomo

2: raspbian

OKLB-60 Keyboard

hand soldered.







i more have pics somewhere of the build. i'll add them when they turn up.

pi foundation display


raspberry pis don't have a persistent clock, so the time always has to be set by the network. the pirtc keeps track of time even when the board is powered down, using and independent lithum power supply. the pi foundation display uses some of the same pins, so i'll have to mod the expasion because i want to have both.


factotum integration will tie the system keys to the device.

future mods

i ordered the large back case for the smartipi so i can turn it into a battery pack in the future. if that doesn't work out, i can try attching the pack to the VESA mount on the back.

it would be cool to have a device server that can take responsibility for a system service. i nearly always listen to music while i work, adding a CODEC would save me a lot of cpu cycles that could be used for other things. pendrive form factor, works as a special sound card, standalone mp3 player?

VS1053B MP3/WAV/OGG/MIDI Player & Recorder (CODEC) Chip