why even?

a history, by ~xj9

tomo is based on inferno from vita nuova, with branding removed to avoid trademark issues. the concepts behind tomo have been an on going research project of mine for at least a decade. i tend to analyze things from a top-down approach, so it has been a long road down to the metal. i have followed and sometimes particpiated in hobby os projects, but the most persistently inspiring system to me has always been plan9 and its variants. i do appreciate a lot of what haiku brings to the table, but i can't embrance C++ so deeply. there is a lot more to be said about my design goals and ideas, but i'll have to dig them out of backups and probably update them. don't hold your breath for speed, but i do hope i have something interesting to contribute ^^

i share some of the concerns that a collapse scenario is possible, but i choose to set a different bar. tomo does prioritize portability and simplicity, but also security. the crypto requirements alone set a minimum bar for supportable hardware. short- and medium-term salvage hardware should be sufficient for something like inferno and fits the solarpunk ethos. a collapse scenario would be catastrophic and something like collapeos may be the only realistic approach.